It’s easy to look good

With DABOBOX, at least! Just pick from our collection of ready templates and customize it with our online Live Design application. No design skills required! If you’d like to use your very own design, simply download our blank templates (available in Adobe Illustrator file), apply your design and upload it to us.

Quality in every bite

Solid structure. Leakproof. Microwavable. DABOBOX is thoughtfully designed with all the right ingredients to deliver the best possible out-of-box dining experience.

Our paper meal box is made using FSC-certified material, and coated with FDA-certified, high quality, food grade coating. You can safely heat up the meal box in microwave for up to 120°C for 45 seconds.

Spend only what you need

We’ve designed DABOBOX offerings with the lowest possible order quantity (probably the lowest in the market!), so your money and storage space can be more efficiently managed.

With order quantity as low as 3,000 units (that’s just 33 boxes a day for 3 months!), businesses of all sizes can now enjoy branded meal boxes without having to commit to heavy investment.


Placing your logo is just a start. There's so much more you can design onto a DABOBOX. Here are some ideas.

Brand Story
How did you start your business? What does your brand stand for? Tell your customers about them. We all love a good brand story!
Ingredients Highlight
Got a unique ingredient you’d like to feature? Highlight it so your customers would appreciate what goes into making your food so delicious.
Contest & Rewards
Share a photo and win prizes. Scan a QR code and earn points. Dabobox can be a marketing tool to engage with your customers.
Nutritional Info
Today’s customers care about good your food does to their body. Good for keto diet? All organic ingredients? Tell us about it.
Sustainability Values
Pay it forward? Contributing to a fund? Share your activities and invite your customers to join in.
Seasonal Greetings
Inject some warmth and fun into your mealbox! Surprise your customers with a Raya message or Christmas greeting on the box.


Your very first step to the wonders of a branded meal box.

premium first impression


As low as S$ 0.21 per unit

Box with locking lid and ventilation slits. Solid structure to protect food during delivery. Perfect for takeaway food both hot or cool, dry or with sauce.

premium first impression


As low as S$ 0.14 per unit

Open tray for ready-to-serve food. Solid structure and leakproof design suitable for all food, even with sauce.

premium first impression


As low as S$ 0.17 per unit

Designed to perfectly hold an average-sized burger, bagel, donut or other similar food.

Get a taste of Dabobox

Attractive design. Premium material. Sturdy structure. Dabobox is truly a product you need to see and feel to believe.

For only S$5, you get a set of samples containing all Dabobox products, one of each available size. Go on, you’ve got to see it to believe!

Sample Box